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Trackman Golf Simulator

Our climate controlled golf simulator is located at the practice tee of Chambersburg Country Club. Our 780 sq. ft simulator room is powered by Trackman, with over 250 available golf course, multiple games and numerous training environments to hone your skills.

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Priced per hour rental

$35 per hour for Chambersburg Country Club Members

$40 per hour for Public Guests

1 hour per player for 18-holes is recommended (4 hours for 4 players)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reserve time on the simulator ?

Please contact the golf shop at Chambersburg Country Club, 717-263-8296 to reserve your simulator rental.

Can I use my own clubs? Will it hurt my equipment?

Yes, you can use your own golf clubs. We do not need stickers, dots, or anything attached to your clubs. Trackman uses radar to capture ball flight.

What golf balls are used?

We provide new Titleist ProV1 golf balls for all simulator guests. Titleist RCT ProV1 are used for players with higher swing speeds for more accurate spin data.

What hours are available to reserve?

The general hours of the simulator mirror that of the golf shop. Special arrangements can be made for earlier or later access.