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Our Nationally recognized and award programming is dedicated to creating long term golfers. Based of the Operation 36 curriculum for life long learning, our team has created over 340 new golfers since 2017. Let us help your family become golfers!

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Collection: Golf Academy

Junior Golf Academy

Most junior programs are incomplete. That is why the Wallace Golf Academy uses the Operation 36® Development Model which centers around playing golf. The goal is to help your junior shoot par (36) or better for 9 holes.

 STEP ONE:  Play Their First 9 Holes

Coaches will provide your junior with a 9-hole playing experience with the Op 36 Model. 

 STEP TWO:  Learn Skills in Fun Classes

We make learning the game feel like a game!  Your junior will make friends and learn skills in fun engaging classes.

 STEP THREE:  Train & Track Progress

The Op 36 Mobile App is your family's guide to practicing and playing golf outside of classes.

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What is Operation 36?

Learn About Operation 36

 The program is designed to progress golfers of all ages
and abilities (juniors, ladies, men) towards shooting par (score of 36)
or better for 9 holes!  We train in groups and work together to improve
our games while having a lot of fun in the process.  

Each participant can enroll in 3 types of programs; Academy
Classes, Operation 36 Matches and Supervised Practice. The Center of the
program works around the Operation 36 Matches where you challenge
yourself to shoot the score of 36 from different yardages on the golf

The program has a 6 level roadmap which contains 72 objectives
that coaches will help you achieve in academy classes on a weekly basis.
 All participants are issued a profile in our Operation 36 Mobile App
Community where you can view your objectives, log golf actions, track
your stats/progress, and encourage your friends in a social activity

Ladies Academy

Meeting weekly, our ladies golf academy, powered by Operation36 has turned over 100 ladies into golfers since 2017.

Our 50-minute weekly classes cover one topic weekly, with an on-coures Op36 round immediately following each week.

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